3 Innovative Collision Repair Frame Machine Systems to Choose From Below:

Option 1: ASTRA Mini Bench System / MiniBench & Move™

ASTRA offer three sizes of frame machines, the system pictured above is the ASTRA “Mini Bench”

Compact, mobile and powerful at 10 tons pulling power. Designed to be the best fast track collision repair system for small and medium damage for compact and mid size cars or SUVs.

Its easy to put into place, drive the vehicle over it while it is flat on the ground without the mobile wheels, then add the lift pads and yes…then lift and begin your next steps in setup.

Customer from Spain

Option 2: ASTRA Rapid Bench System

ASTRA Rapid Bench System is the mid size solution from our frame machine lineup.

This is ASTRA’s mid size frame machine that’s the typical solution for most shops wanting repair compact, mid size and full size passenger vehicles. Like wise this is designed to be the best fast track collision repair system for small and medium damage. System includes the newest pulling tower with smooth and accuracy of 180º of movement. Solid and compact frame with 3 m. length for any repair. Double safety device and twin lifting rams.

The ASTRA Rapid Bench System was far better priced than other European bench system and is equally as capable in a universal repair setup. For us the other blue, or red European frame machines, just didn’t make sense when you look at cost, versus performance and the type of work you actually do with a universal setup.

California Body Shop Owner

Option 3: ASTRA big-BENCH

ASTRA B-Bench is the long vehicle solution in our frame machine lineup.

The B-Bench is ideal as a general purpose all around solution. All passenger vehicles would fit and some light duty commercial vehicles the the van shown above are quick and easy to drive over and setup. The new pulling tower with smooth and accurate 180º of movement. This Long frame with 4m bench includes a 10 ton pulling unit and the lower double safety device and twin lifting rams with a 3.5ton capacity.